How To Quickly Increase Engagement On Social Media

If you want to build an online store, it is important to consider social media engagement. A lot of people only try to increase the number of their audience; they don't bother about the engagement on their social media page. By engaging with your social media followers, you can turn them from ordinary fans into customers. When you devote time to building relationships and engaging with your audience, you will undoubtedly increase customer loyalty and the result of this is usually higher positive reviews andincrease in sales. This article will teach you why social media engagement is important, how to increase your followers and how to improve at social media engagement.

Why Social Media Engagement Is Important


Social Media Engagement can help you to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Each time a customer message you or engage with your posts on social media, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with your customers and you can then build a strong relationship with them. Answer appropriately when they ask questions, respond playfully occasionally, and go an extra mile to provide an excellent customer service.

Engaging also helpyou build solid customer loyalty. When your customers are in need of help and you assist them, combined with building a good relationship with them and also providing a great and unique customer experience, your customers will become more loyal. Because you have provided an answer to their questions, they will trust your brand. Customers will however love your brand very much if you are jovial with them, resolved their issues, and expressed your gratitude.

Your sales will also increase through social media engagement. If you are active on social media and you respond to posts customers make, they will start to feel more confident purchasing through your store. Sometimes, some people may leave negative comments on your page. Don’t despair, you can turn this into an advantage and grow your sales by resolving the issue and responding positively. Try to steer clear from making all your responses about your products or services. The sales will naturally come.


Tools to Boost Social Media Engagement


This is a nice tool used to track social media engagements. Buffer allows users to automate their posts at different times. It allows you to make up to 10 posts at once for free. For new entrepreneurs, this is a really great tool. You can also add hashtags to the posts and tag other brands in Buffer as well. To provide you with a much higher word count, Buffer has a link shortener it uses.

It also allows you to add images and graphics to your post. The tool has a lot of great features but the best one is that you can keep track of your social media engagement. You can see the number of click throughs, mentions, retweets and likes your posts get.


It is a great tool for social media that enable you automate your business more. If you make a post on Facebook for example, you can use IFTT to set triggers so it will repost the content on the other social media accounts you have. For solopreneurs, IFTTT will be a very useful tool as the time to create a good content for all the platforms may not be available.


It is one of the best tools for social media around. It lets users craft their own custom content for each and every social network platform based on the right dimension. It is like Photoshop but much more user-friendly. You can modify graphics as you see fit. It also gives you a competitive edge as you will be credit each time your content is shared.


How to Increase Your Social Media Followers

Sep 09,2017

You will need to increase the number of followers you have if you really want to increase engagement on your social media pages. The amount of engagement you will receive depends on the number of real people following you. An expensive way of growing followers which is also very common is by spending money on advertising. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can also increase the number of followers you have by buying ads. Although this will increase the number of followers you have, they however may not be as committed as someone who found your brand through a great product ad. Creating unique content is recommended for people who are just starting out. You should have a mix that combines your personal content with popular contents you find online.

Sep 19,2017

Another way of growing social media followers is by having good rapport with your customers. When your social media pages are always active, this will indicate that your page is alive and it's worth following. People will follow your page naturally if you interact with your customers and you regularly post contents. Additionally, you can grow followers by engaging with customers that are not currently following your page. When you build a good rapport with them, it is highly likely they'll follow your page. If the theme you use on your social media pages is consistent, you can also grow your followers. It is more likely people follow you when they see what they expect on your page. It takes time to create one's own content. However, in the long run, you will discover that this will get you more shares which will in turn help increase your followers on social media.

Sep 13,2017

Another way to increase your followers is by collaborating with other online brands. Try to collaborate with brands that sell a different kind of product with a similar target audience. A theme may be seen as the kind of content you share (inspirational, funny, motivational) or the way your content looks (colorful, minimalist). Set the way you want others to perceive your brand. If you sell scarves for instance, collaborating with another brand that deals in jewelry will be beneficial for the two of you. You will be able to increase the number of followers you have by tapping into the audience of each other. You can also boost your follower count by following the link: